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I am a longtime advocate for the poor, immigrant communities and children.

As a public defender who has represented over one-thousand of Mecklenburg County's poor and someone who appears in court almost daily I know how District Court operates and how it should operate.

Our community is plagued by addiction - as the son of a recovering addict I am equipped to address this crisis.

To build a safe community the judiciary must focus on addressing the cause of the crime not simply the jail sentence. I will be a judge that asks tough questions to give the correct sentence. 

Money bail does not make the community safer it is only a tool that keeps poor people in jail. Bail should concern safety to the community not income level. 


I believe justice should be fair for all people regardless of their economic status, race, national origin, religion, mental health diagnosis, sexual orientation or gender identity.

I am the fair and compassionate choice for District Court Judge in Mecklenburg County. 

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