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Last June the NC General Assembly re-drew judicial districts. Below is my letter to the Mecklenburg County Bar addressing the situation: 

Mecklenburg County Bar,


For the last six-months I have been campaigning for District Court Judge. I was honored to come in the top five of both ballots in the bar election and continued my campaign for the general election. I filed for a countywide election on June 18th. Two days later the General Assembly took away my filing and my ability to run countywide. I am now stuck in a gerrymandered Judicial District E with two options: either run against fair and experienced incumbent judges or to wait for the next vacancy.


After much thought and deliberation I have decided to wait until the next vacancy. I thank the Mecklenburg County Bar for their support in my endeavor. I have met many phenomenal people over the last six months and have truly enjoyed this experience.


I sincerely hope we can challenge this gerrymandering to ensure our courts remain fair and independent. I give my fullest support to Judge Regan Miller and Judge Paige McThenia. Both incumbent candidates serve their position with integrity and dignity.


I will continue to remain involved with the Bar, continue to serve our community and continue to fight for fair and impartial justice in Mecklenburg County.


I will run again in the next vacancy and I hope to have your support.




Rex Marvel

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